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Wild Blonde Wig – Size 11


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Doll of a Kind Wild Blonde wig :

Thinking about renewing an old doll or making a new creation? This wonderful wig shows up in your life to help you create new amazing styles and stories!

Wild Blonde, Wavy blonde wig base on a natural wavy hair….Amazing and fun wig , with a UNIQUE SOFT FEEL CURLY TECHNIQUE develop by us to wig you that NATURAL CURLY FEEL that you all LOVE… Beautiful for this summer season . Lets create the doll of your Dreams!!!

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  • Made to FIT MOST 18” DOLL HEAD like: American Girl doll, Gotz Doll, Australian Girl Doll, Bonnie & Pearl, My life, Our Generation, etc.
  • Made with a HIGH and FINEST QUALITY fiber, the same as in human wigs.
  • HEAT RESISTANT up untill 350*F: you can style the wig with flat iron, blow dryer or curler to create all the styles you desire.
  • Extra SILKY and SOFT: it feels amazing when you touch it.
  • Extra THICK: 2 times more hair density.
  • DETANGLE RESISTANT: easy to brush and style. Very important when kids are playing with it.
  • DOUBLE LINE wefts around the cap that provide extra coverage and allow you to make Ponytails and other pop up style.
  • PARTITION line is in the middle, but you can position it as you desire.
  • WASHABLE with baby Shampoo and conditioner.
  • NO SHOWING CAPS: Our wigs are designed to make ponytails and braids without showing the cap from the back.
  • Style with spray water, metal comb and  your finger.

Ask for another kind of wigs, styles or colors? We customize per your request! Contact us!

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in