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U-Doll – Light Skin – Shell


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Meet the brand NEW U-DOLL by Doll of a Kind!!!

Yes!!! This is the first fully customizable doll, An 18 inches doll you can create from scratch, adding all the personality and details you dreamed, with endless posibilities!!!

Boy or Girl, different skin tones, this is the base doll option to turn it into your own customizing canvas!!!

About our doll:

Quality is everything. We spent months researching, and consulting with the pioneers of the industry, and this is not some vinyl doll you’ll find at a shelf in a big chain, or a mass produced only for profit doll. We have used the finest materials, with head and limbs made out of a special vinyl, hard enough for a fine quality doll but gentle to help you customize it if desired, and a soft body, with high resistant fabric and premium filling. It will last for generations, and give healthy fun to kids and collectors.

Create the doll of your dreams:

It has been my motivation to bring this product to life. You can start your project from scratch and let your imagination fly!!!

Our doll has been standardized to almost every 18″ Doll: This means you can still use all the accesories you got from us or anybody else before. It will fit.

We decided to make it easy: If you are a customizer, you can buy our doll out of the oven, like a blank canvas ready to be filled with inspiration.

“I always had the idea that anybody could be able to really Create the ‘Doll of their Dreams’, and dedicated years to manufacture all kinds of Wigs, clothing and accesories to help everyone who wanted to build a doll with inspiration and passion. Now I’m proud, blessed and happy to anounce that U-Doll comes to life to make that dream even more possible”.

Romina Massa

Owner and imagineer

Doll of a Kind

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 6 in
Wig Style

Light Skin Bon Bon Wig, Light Skin Venice Wig, Light Skin Pinkalisious Wig, Light Skin Purple Dream Wig, Light Skin Purple Ice Wig, Light Skin Tawny Wig, Light Skin Eva Wig, Light Skin Flight Wig


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