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NEW LOOK – Arenite Premium Glass Open and Close Doll Eyes


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NEW LOOK TEMPERED American Girl Doll GLASS EYES | Exclusive by Doll of a Kind

Fits most 18inch dolls : American Girl Doll, Our Generation Doll , My life Doll, Gotz Doll, Maplalela , Australian, etc .

We developed the first Blinking doll eyes with TEMPERED GLASS IRISES which are brighter, full of life and more vivid.

NOW WITH 4 TYPES OF GLASS IRISES FINISH: TRADITIONAL, GLITTER, METALLIC AND HOLOGRAPHIC : Check more here to know more about the 4 types of Glass Finish:

Each eye is made by hand to achieve the perfect product for you. Is a very delicate process …

You can check here all the beautiful possibilities in GLASS eyes to create the doll of your dreams :

What makes DOLL OF A KIND Cabochons/Eyes SOOOO Different?

-We use Optical Quality Tempered Glass Domes iris, virtually unbreakable and scratch resistant.

-New realistic and fantasy styles, with bigger pupils will give your doll a unique look.

-Wider Iris, this gives a kinder and cuter features to your doll.

-Each Glass dome Iris is hand made by us here in America and cares to achieve the perfection for you. A very delicate process .

-The irises are printed with the Best Premium quality Photo printing process, specially engineered for it, they are also Waterproof . We do not use laser printer .

-They are permanently sealed with a secret and unique adhesive that will not ever separate from the image. We do not use Diamond glaze or any jewelry glue.

-The case is ergonomically designed by us and allows you to swap them easily without any effort. Even if this is your first time replacing a doll’s eyes you’ll be able to do it in no time…

-Our PINK BACK case is made by a unique polymer that doesn’t deform or breaks when you swap the eyes, and doesn’t compromise the eye mechanism. No more damaged eyes when swapping!!! It has our logo in the back, always look for the DK in the back of your eyes!

-Thinner : we designed a new case for our eyes with unique measurements. Our eyes, the whole case is thinner and less wide . While sitting tight in the eye socket it allows you a smooth fit when you put them in and when you take them out of the doll, easy job. Please take a look to our measurements Length 18.30 mm, wide 19.7mm.

-Eyelashes: Hight density eyelashes, specially designed curvature and length the best quality .

-Perfect Balance into the mechanism that allow a realistic delicate movement when the eyes open and close.

-Metal Contour ; more durable

Swapping your doll will be so easy now that you won’t believe it!!!

Check my youtube channel for a demonstration, full swap takes less than a minute. You can see there how to swap the eyes on a regular doll, on an Asia mold doll, on a Gotz dolls.

For custom eyes: contact us…

THIS SALE IS FINAL. We don’t accept return in this type of product.

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in

Dark Skin Dark Eyelashes Glitter, Dark Skin Dark Eyelashes Holographic, Dark Skin Dark Eyelashes Metallic, Dark Skin Dark Eyelashes Traditional, Light Skin Black Eyelashes Glitter, Light Skin Black Eyelashes Holographic, Light Skin Black Eyelashes Metallic, Light Skin Black Eyelashes Traditional, Light Skin Blonde Eyelashes Glitter, Light Skin Blonde Eyelashes Holographic, Light Skin Blonde Eyelashes Metallic, Light Skin Blonde Eyelashes Traditional, Medium Skin Dark Eyelashes Glitter, Medium Skin Dark Eyelashes Holographic, Medium Skin Dark Eyelashes Metallic, Medium Skin Dark Eyelashes Traditional

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