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Blue Sapphire Luxury Open and Close Doll Eyes


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-Best Quality in eyes. Made for the best company eyes in the world…More than 60 years of experience.

-Natural Iris Design, that give your doll a realistic look. Our Irises are a little wider so this give you a better look…

-Unique case ergonomically designed by us that allow you an easy swap without effort. If you are new in this field you are going to notice the difference… Always look for the pink back case with “DK”.

-Our case is made by a unique material that Doesn’t deform the shape when you swap the eyes, and doesn’t compromise the eye mechanism. No more damage eyes!!!

-Thinner : we designed a new case for our eyes with unique measurements. Our eyes, the whole case is thinner and less wide . This is very important because allow you a smooth fit when you put them in and when you take them out of the doll, easy work. Please take a look to our measurements Length 18.30 mm, wide 19.7mm.

IMPORTANT: the eyeball inside the case is the same measurement as AG doll, so they fit perfectly in your doll. At the beginning when the vinyl is hot they could be a little loss, this is normal and is a perfect moment to position the eyes in the correct way. After the vinyl is cold, they going to fit perfectly!! .

-Perfect Balance into the mechanism that allow a delicate movement when the eye open and close.

-Metal Contour ; more durable

-Eyelashes: Hight density eyelashes, the best quality .

Swapping your doll will be so easy now that you won’t believe it!!!

Check my youtube channel for a demonstration, full swap takes less than a minute. You can see there how to swap the eyes on a regular doll, on an Asia mold doll, on a Gotz dolls.

This eyes can be used on : gotz doll also.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in


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