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What materials do you use to make the hair of the wigs?

Synthetic Premium heat resistant fiber the same used in synthetics human wigs. It is detangle proof and extra silky .

How do I take care of my New Wig?
Use alway water and a METAL BRUSH to style your new wig. First spray a little bit of water on your wig and then style with your metal brush.
Avoid any kind of chemical styling product . It could harm your wig.

Are the wigs heat resistant?
Yes they are . Our wigs can be exposed up to 350Fº with the hair dryer, curler or hair styling iron. But is not necessary to go high. At 140*/160* is more than enough.
Please keep in mind that when you heat the wig the fiber is going to get really hot , use gloves to prevent burns.
DO NOT expose to direct flame, DO NOT use the oven, microwave or any type of heat source directly to the wig.

Can I keep the existing hair or wig on my doll?
All of our wigs are made to REPLACE the existing doll hair or wig. To be able to use our wig you need to remove the original wig from the doll head or if your doll has rooted hair, then you need to cut the hair and shave the rest of it to the minimum length possible. Removing the hair of your doll it’s easier than you think and if you are replacing the wig for a kid, depending on the child age it might be fun as well for them to help you.
You can watch our Tutorial on How to re-wig your doll here:

How do I remove the existing wig or hair of my doll?
Usually hair of a doll comes in two types, rooted or entire wig cap.
• To remove the WIG CAP (entire fabric cap, like a hat, glued to the head): with a tea spoon , gently and little by little (to prevent scratches on the vinyl head ) start to peal the wig cap from the edges of the wig to the center. Don’t worry if some tiny hairs or little parts of the cap still remain on the head, it’s normal due to the glue applied by manufacturer, and it’s not important since the new wig will cover it all.
• To remove ROOTED HAIR (all hair strains are sewed directly to the head) cut it as much as you can with scissors and then with a razor (a shaving razor) shave the rest of the remaining hair as much as you can. Don’t worry if some tiny hairs stay on the head, the new Wig will cover it al.

You can watch the tutorial here:

Do I have to glue My New Wig one the Doll Head? What type of glue do I have to use ?
You have 3 possibilities .
• Not Gluing the wig: if you are planing to change and customized your doll all the time, is better not to glue the wig on the doll head. Our wigs has and elastic band around the cap which allow it to stay on the doll head without gluing it.
• Tacky Glue: We recommend to use this glue if you are planing to change the wig in the near future. This is a light glue so is going to allow you to remove the wig easily.
• E6000 low odor glue: Use this glue if your New wig is going to be definitive to your doll or expected to be played for some time.
Once your existing wig has been removed and the head is clean and dry, apply a light coat of glue (Tacky or E6000) with a small pain brush on the inside middle center part of the new wig cap and apply the cap to the doll. After that, for a perfectly even distribution of the glue, with a tooth pick start applying small drops of glue around the cap under the elastic band, little by little . You can use pins to help keep the wig steady until glue is completely dry (We’ll say 6 hours would do the magic).
Please follow directions and safety precautions and recommendations for the use of 6000 glue. We are not affiliated with the fabricant but we do know by experience it works well with our wigs.
You can watch the tutorial here:

How Can I style the wig? and how to deal with frizz once the doll has been roughly played with?
Our wigs are completely made for styling and to be played with, you can brush, wash and even use the styling iron, blower and curler up to 350 degrees, and do all over again.
You can watch our tutorial on How to Style our wigs here:

How can I make curls on my Straight wig?
Use your curler up to 350º F. For more information you can watch this tutorial:

How can I take care of a Frizzy Wig:
Our wigs are made with the best premium quality fiber that allow to maintain the frizz to the minimum . Frizz is always common on Curly wigs due the normal use, but it is super easy to take care by spraying the wig with room temperature water and brushing with METAL brush. The curly style wigs are easier to handle curl by curl, if you brush the entire wig at once it will take longer to get the desired final results.

You can watch this tutorial:

Can I wash the wig?
Absolutely, you won’t do any harm at all. The wig should be washed by hand, preferably using baby products (shampoo and conditioner) and room temperature water. Avoid all kind of chemical shampoos and conditioner .

Cleaning: Dilute 2 tablespoon of baby shampoo in 1/2 gallon of cool water and place the wig in this solution, gently wash it and then rinse it with cool water.

Conditioning: To maintain the natural-like synthetic hair fiber, dilute 3 tbsp of baby conditioner in 1/2 gallon of cool water. Place the doll wig in this solution and let it rest for 3 minutes, then rinse it with cool water.

Dry the wig with towel and let it dry . Don’t use a blower, iron or curl on the wet wig.

To be able to style the wig , wait until is fully dry. Colors won’t fade after.