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“Know our history”

Doll of a Kind is the result of a dream come true that was born 4 years ago when my girls received as a gift their first American Girl dolls (used) and although they were fairly well preserved, they wanted them to look like new.

That genuine desire, made me put all my creativity and ability, to turn your dreams into reality! Here you can see the before and after.
See the happy face of my girls when they saw their dolls as NEW; It was what pushed me forward!

That same happiness is what I WANT to bring to each girl, boy, adult, collector, to you too! When you get a “Doll of a Kind” Doll.

Orders of friends, well known persons, customers and special orders began to arrive. Over time, it occurred to us to start playing with different color hairs and eyes, dress them as my daughters or imitating their favorite character and we were opened into another world of possibilities!.

The first Doll of a Kind Customized was born! 

The dream was still taking shape.

The desire to perfect myself in this “WORLD” led me to travel, visit factories, learn about production processes, look for new techniques, best quality and safe materials. I specialized to give you a unique doll and accessories with the best service and quality!

Today we have our OWN line of:

“Doll of a kind take your Doll to another Level …”

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How do you want your next doll to be?

I invite you to send us your suggestions, if you are interested in something in particular.

Thank you and welcome to the world of Doll of a Kind where we take your doll to another level !!!